Organic Chaga Mushroom Vegan Pullulan Capsules Betulin Detox & Cleanse Supplements (90 Capsules)


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Organic Chaga Capsules (Vegan)

Harnessing the power of ancient trees, it draws its nutrients from the inner layers of the bark of the tree normally silver and white birch trees.

Chaga is the most alkaline foods on earth due to their dense mineral content with research looking into its effects on ailments and diseases.

Chaga contains betulin and its derivative, low pH betulinic acid. Betulin is a triterpene, while betulinic acid is a derivative of a triterpene, known as a triterpenoid.

What are Pullulan Capsules?

Pullulan is a natural, edible polymer that has no detectable taste. It is sourced from fungi which have been grown on a starch substrate. Pullulan capsules are widely used in the food and drink industry as they provide an excellent oxygen barrier.

Why use Pullulan Capsules?

Pullulan Capsules (Made from natural sources and is Vegan) have the best oxygen barrier compared to all other types of capsules and is as strong as its neighbour Gelatin Capsules (normally made from Bovine and animals). Its predecessor HPMC are also vegetable type capsules, however this has a lower oxygen barrier.

Pullulan is graded as the best capsule type available and contains no taste, capsule protection, oxygen protection.

How to Take Chaga Capsules

Take 2 x capsules, 2 times a day, preferably half an hour before meals.

Nutritional Info What’s Inside?

Two Capsules Contain

100% Organic Chaga Powder (600mg), with no additional ingredients at all.


Organic Chaga Powder, Pullulan Capsule (Vegan)

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