Reishi Mushroom (Strong, Powerful) Extract – 500mg – Ganoderma Lucidum – Lingzhi – Nature’s Most Powerful Supplement – Added BIOPERINE For Greater Absorption! (90 Capsules Per Bottle)


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Now, you too can harness the life-improving benefits of one of nature’s most powerful superfoods – reishi mushroom, extracted down to its most powerful, health-giving form!

– Used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for its anti-aging, spiritual and immune-system enhancing properties – Reishi mushroom (or ‘Lingzi’ as the Chinese called it) is only now being seen by modern medicine to be a truly remarkable supplement!

Reishi is LOADED with two powerful natural ingredients:

1) Polysaccharides

2) Triterpenoids

Both these substances are thought to effect the body and healing in powerful, ilfe-giving ways.

Reishi is also believed to be a
spirit-enhancer that boosts energy whilst also calming the body and mind.

Here at Maverick Labs, we’ve had manufactured the purest powder we could find into capsule form. And we’ve done something else – something that sets this apart from any other Reishi Mushroom extract you’ll find online…

Greater absorption?

You see, we’ve added something else called BIOPERINE. This is a patented, powerful black pepper extract. It’s been proven in scientific clinical studies to increase absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.

We’ve included a dosage of bioperine – with the hope this will shuttle more reishi into the body where it counts, and to increase absorption. Try some today for yourself and see what difference Reishi can make in your own life!

90 capsules (500mg per capsule) in a bottle.


  • Get ready for REISHI Power! Yes, Reishi is one of nature’s most POWERFUL immune-system boosting, well-being giving, and spiritually-enhancing supplements. There’s a good reason this remarkable, and totally natural supplement has been used for over 2,000 years in Chinese medicine and by Asian royalty! Read on.
  • For over 2000 years, it has been the superfood of choice for people looking to boost their immune system, calm the mind and nerves, and to boost energy and generate more well-being in their lives
  • .Immune-system helper – it’s thought that the high content of Polysaccharides and Triterpenoids can help to contribute towards better immune system function.
  • ENERGY boosting – Reishi has a proven-high content of Adenosine – which is a substance responsible for energy in the body (it’s also thought to play a role in better sleep and overall well-being)
  • ADDED Bioperine! This patented extract from black pepper has been scientifically proven to INCREASE ABSORPTION of certain nutrients in the body. As this supplement is manufactured IN THE UK (unlike some other cheap Chinese imports!), we ensure Bioperine is added for maximum results. We guarantee a pure, and high-potency product that can help get you results.